Kinetix Motor 56k RPM 6mm x 12mm Inductrix

Sets of 4, 2 CCW 2 CW
Perfect For Inductrix

Kinetix Overview

You're an expert at micro racing with an Inductrix. Or ready to get into FPV and fly indoors.

In order to carry a camera, and still fly with the authority you've come to expect, you will need upgraded motors.

We've seen and tried most of the alternatives.
Some are insanely fast.

Ours are ludicrous speed.

Are you ready to go Plaid, and blast around the indoors just in time for the indoor flying season to kick up?

Wires are color coded for direction, so installing them should be a breeze. Just in case it isn't a breeze we have a pdf guide to show where and how they go together in the support section.

Name Value
RPM 56k
Can Diameter 6mm
Can Length 12mm
Shaft Diameter 0.8mm
Shaft Length 5mm
Weight 1.8g
Plug Micro-JST-1.25
Voltage 1.5 - 3.7V
Max Load 1.0A at 3.7V
Lifetime 8 Hours

Support Material

No documents at this time.
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